POLFLAM increases its production capacity

POLFLAM’s technology for production of fire-resistant glass has, in no time, won the company a considerable market share in Poland. The company’s target for growth is to expand onto foreign markets. New markets mean a swiftly growing order portfolio, therefore, the necessity of opening another production line. The new line has been installed in the recently built production facility, the investment having long been a must.

We have no problem to deliver the order backlog – says Wojciech Wilczak, POLFLAM’s CEO – nevertheless, market research and forecasts make it clear that we need to get ready for an essential increase in production. We have needed a new plant which would provide production capacity with the necessary margin and we have made sure that it is equipped with the most modern devices available in the market. These solutions shall ensure our renowned quality and short delivery times; the strengths that have created our brand image..

The new production line will let us take up by far more orders. The conditions of work on new solutions, POLFLAM’s pride, will definitely improve as well. It will be noted that the old facility had to house the production zone, the testing laboratory and the office facility. It will not take long for that former plant to be used entirely for production purposes, as another building is to be started still this year.

POLFLAM’s investments are in progress.