Ready to make sustainable choices?

POLFLAM has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our monolithic fire-resistant glass product range in fire resistance ratings EI and EW!

The EPD is a prestigious certification recognized worldwide, providing insights into the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Did you know that we’ve achieved the lowest environmental footprint for fire-resistant glass from EI 60 and above? Additionally, our fire-resistant glass EI 30 is acknowledged as one of the top performers in the market!

But our journey doesn’t stop here! We’re also working on EPD for POLFLAM GAIA low-carbon fire-resistant glass.

By obtaining this certification, we’re not only advancing sustainable construction but also empowering customers to make informed, eco-conscious decisions. The EPD supports their journey toward green building certifications, facilitating a greener future.

Our Commercial Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for POLFLAM fire-resistant glass is now available for download.