Барьер для огня, барьер для звуков

Одним из важнейших вопросов в проектировании зданий сегодня является ограничение уровня шума. Одно это делает звукоизоляцию и звукопоглощение важным критерием в отборе строительных материалов. В том числе материалов, исполняющих другие основные функции – таких как огнестойкое стекло.
Огнестойкое стекло POLFLAM® характеризуется превосходными звукоизоляционными параметрами, достигающими значений, рекомендованных к применению в местах, подверженных повышенному воздействию шума.


New investments – a new era in POLFLAM’s history

Only a year ago was a modern technological line launched in the newly built hall, while another production facility is about to open in Runów, equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery for production of fire-resistant glass. The potential of the new facility will allow POLFLAM to double its production capacity.


Малый вес – большая выгода

Современная архитектура влюблена в стекло. Однако в тех случаях, когда стеклянные стены призваны одновременно играть роль противопожарного ограждения, возникает вопрос об их весе.


Еще больше возможностей, еще больше света, то есть POLFLAM® F
для потолочных перекрытий и лестниц

Современную архитектуру создает стекло. В значительной степени, стекло огнестойкое. Все более совершенные технологии дают возможность применять огнестойкие остекления во все более требовательных конструктивных элементах.

UХорошим примером такого применения являются потолочные перекрытия и лестницы.


POLFLAM at the FIT Show 2017: time for the UK market

In May 2017, POLFLAM presented at the FIT Show its latest products: POLFLAM BR EI 120 glass for frameless butt-joint fire screens and POLFLAM F glass for use in walk-on floors and stairs.

Our participation in the FIT Show marks another step in strengthening the POLFLAM brand on export markets and is a natural consequence in the Company’s development – says Dawid Kapsa, POLFLAM’s General Director. – When making our export plans, we saw the UK market as highly promising and positive feedback from FIT Show visitors having proven this right. I am glad we could show at the exhibition our glass for frameless partitions, of fire resistance as high as 120 minutes in both integrity and insulation. This is a unique product on the European market.

For three days the NEC halls in Birmingham were visited by more than 13,000 people.

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POLFLAM – new investments, new markets, new products

It has now been 12 years since POLFLAM decided to strictly specialise in the production of fire-resistant glass. The beginnings were modest. We just had a small production facility with basic machinery, yet our plans were clear: to create new technological space. The first step was to develop our proprietary formula for the fire-resistant gel. The further steps have included building an in-house testing facility and roll out the machinery. Our offer has expanded dynamically with new products and new EI classes: curved glass, multi-function glass – in the P5-P7 classes, ceiling or stairs glass…

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POLFLAM participating for the first time in the FIT Show in Birmingham

On May, 23, starts the FIT Show 2017– an annual meeting of manufacturers and fitters of glass, windows and glazed systems applied in the building industry. Its status is growing year by year, not only on the British market. This year, the Show is going to be held in a new location: a modern National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

At the Show, we will, first of all, present large-size fire-resistant POLFLAM glass to be installed in frameless systems. We shall also show our new product: fire-resistant glass for use in ceilings and stairs, the load-bearing capacity being as much as 5 kN/m2. We have prepared a set of exhibits with POLFLAM glass in all the EI classes: from 30 to 180.

See you in Birmingham!

FIT Show, National Exhibition Center NEC, Birmingham, May 23-25, 2017, www.fitshow.co.uk
POLFLAM: stand D40

Стекло POLFLAM® – совершенство фасадов

Марка POLFLAM® укрепляет свою позицию в эксклюзивной группе изготовителей фасадного стекла благодаря большому опыту
в производстве огнестойкого стекла рекордных размеров и исключительным характеристикам производимого продукта.
Какие параметры являются при этом решающими, и почему формат в фасадных остеклениях играет настолько важную роль?

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POLFLAM at the BAU 2017 Fair: another step towards foreign markets

The BAU Fair in Munich is a worldwide event where the latest technology solutions are presented to define trends in building industry and architecture. This year’s slogan was The Future of Construction Industry. POLFLAM® products perfectly fit into this profile.

European manufacturers have long booked that week in their agendas to make sure they make it for the BAU Fair, in particular those who have had firm export plans. This was also our objective. Namely, we were there to reach the largest possible group of foreign customers – says Dawid Kapsa, POLFLAM’s General Director. – And we succeeded in doing so. We have been impressed to see the number of enquiries reaching our mailboxes following the fair, while the number of tests scheduled for our glass fixed in the new customers’ systems has been far beyond our expectation.

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