POLFLAM Timber F30 | F90

NEW! The general construction technique permits for fire-resistant glazing in timber frames POLFLAM Timber F30 | F90 are now available!

The following two newly issued general construction technique permits (aBG) for POLFLAM fire-resistant glazing in timber frames are now available!

Z-19.14-2650 – POLFLAM Timber F30
Z-19.14-2658 – POLFLAM Timber F90

With the general construction technique permits, rooms can be discreetly or stylishly divided and escape routes secured without compromising the overall ambience.

The applications are not only limited to the interior. Due to the increasing density of buildings in urban areas, fire flashover must be considered more and more frequently.

Light-filled rooms and an open character of the building do not require compromises in terms of safety when fire-resistant glazing can open up large areas.

POLFLAM Timber F30 | F90 offer uncompromising glass sizes in combination with slim profiles.

Sustainability and durability are very important to us.

With the new general construction technique permits, elements made from renewable raw materials can be manufactured and installed by companies on site.

We will be pleased to advise and train you on site.

Please contact your local representative Mr. Markus Eckelt for further information.