Another Milestone Achieved in Sustainable Business Practices

We’re excited to share a significant development in our partner’s journey! GLOBSPEED, manufacturer of crafting wooden packaging tailored to the needs of demanding products, has recently been awarded the prestigious PEFC certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This certification underscores GLOBSPEED’s commitment to responsible wood management throughout its production processes.

Among its innovative solutions, GLOBSPEED employs reusable wooden racks designed to minimize load damage, offering secure transportation and storage of POLFLAM fire-resistant glass.
We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the first batch of GLOBSPEED wooden racks bearing the PEFC certification at our factory.

Congratulations to our esteemed partner! This achievement not only reflects their dedication but also aligns seamlessly with our ethos of responsible business practices.
Here’s to continued collaboration and sustainability in all our endeavors!

POLFLAM’s Certifire Certificate of Approval Expanded

We are pleased to share a noteworthy update on our Certifire Approval, reinforcing our steadfast commitment to fire safety. POLFLAM understands how important it is for clients to choose a product that carries the stamp of approval of a reputable 3rd party certification body, giving assurances as to the performance of the product. That is why we expanded our approval to cover an even wider range of POLFLAM fire-resistant glass.

What’s NEW?

  • POLFLAM EI 120
  • POLFLAM BR EI 30 Curved

Certifire: A Global Benchmark in Fire Safety

Certifire is a world leading certification for passive fire protection products including independent third-party certification that assures fire protection products’ performance, quality, reliability and traceability.

Internationally regarded as one of the most authoritative fire safety marks, the Certifire certification is recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide.

This diverse product range, meticulously tested, and Certifire approved, underlines our dedication to meeting the highest standards of fire safety. From timber and steel screens to curtain walls and steel doors, our expanded certification caters to numerous applications.

Get in Touch

For more in-depth information about our expanded Certifire-approved fire-resistant glass and its applications, feel free to reach out to your local Sales managers. Their expertise will guide you through the features and benefits, helping you make informed decisions for your project.

POLFLAM Timber F30 | F90

NEU! Die allgemeinen Bauartgenehmigungen für Brandschutzverglasungen in Holzrahmen POLFLAM Timber F30 | F90 liegen jetzt vor!

Die nachfolgenden beiden neu ausgestellten Bauartgenehmigungen (aBG) für POLFLAM Brandschutzverglasungen in Holzrahmen

Z-19.14-2650 – POLFLAM Timber F30
Z-19.14-2658 – POLFLAM Timber F90

liegen jetzt vor!

Mit den neuen allgemeinen Bauartgenehmigungen können Räume dezent oder stilvoll geteilt und Fluchtwege gesichert werden, ohne das gesamte Ambiente zu beeinträchtigen.

Die Anwendungen sind nicht nur auf den Innenbereich beschränkt. Durch die zunehmende Verdichtung von Gebäuden in städtischen Bereichen gilt es immer häufiger den Brandüberschlag zu beachten.

Lichtdurchflutete Räume und ein offener Charakter des Gebäudes erfordern keine Kompromisse hinsichtlich Sicherheit, wenn Brandschutzverglasungen große Bereiche öffnen können.

POLFLAM Timber F30 | F90 bieten kompromisslose Glasgrößen in Kombination mit schlanken Profilen.

Nachhaltigkeit und Beständigkeit haben für uns einen sehr hohen Stellenwert.

Mit den neuen allgemeinen Bauartgenehmigungen können Elemente aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen von Unternehmen vor Ort hergestellt und montiert werden.

Wir beraten und schulen Sie gerne vor Ort.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie Ihren Ansprechpartner Herrn Markus Eckelt für weitere Informationen.


After a four-year break, the time has finally come again: BAU 2023, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for
Architecture, Materials and Systems, returns and will take place from 17 April to 22 April 2023 in
Munich, Germany. Save the date! 

POLFLAM is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at BAU 2023 in Munich. We invite you to
visit us at our stand 127 in hall C3.

Discover our state-of-the-art fire-resistant glass solutions including floor applications, smoke barriers
as well as the frameless BR system and curved glass, which is very popular with designers and

Please contact your local Sales Manager to schedule a meeting.

If you would like more information about fire-resistant glass made by POLFLAM visit our website at

The #BAU2023 is just 12 weeks away!
We look forward to welcoming you to our stand 127, hall C3!

Successful fire test of POLFLAM BR EI 30 curved glass

Again and again, the question arises whether curved butt-jointed glass and fire protection are feasible at all? Once again, POLFLAM has demonstrated the performance of curved monolithic POLFLAM BR EI 30 with two opposing curved butt-jointed fire-resistant glasses (convex and concave) in an impressive fire test.

The fire test was successfully performed at DMT in Lathen in a non-load-bearing frameless partition wall system with maximum glass dimensions of 1500 mm x 3000 mm.

This allows the realisation of curved endless partition walls of fire resistance class EI 30 with a variety of different circumferential glass edge coverings.

Curved glass thus offers architects and planners additional freedom in the design of building interiors. In this way unique room structures can be realized without compromising fire safety requirements.

Contact your local Sales Manager to learn more about curved fire-resistant glass made by POLFLAM.

curved glass fire testing

Certifire certification for POLFLAM fire-resistant glass!

We are proud to announce that POLFLAM fire-resistant glass has been approved for the Warringtonfire Certifire certification especially for the UK market and abroad.

Certifire is a world leading certification for passive fire protection products including   independent third-party certification that assures fire protection products‘ performance, quality, reliability and traceability.

Internationally regarded as one of the most authoritative fire safety marks, the Certifire  certification is recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide.

This certification demonstrates POLFLAM’s commitment to the highest quality standards and the reliability of its products.

If you would like more information about our fire-resistant glass, please contact your local Sales Manager.

POLFLAM sets new standard of butt-jointed glazing EI120

POLFLAM sets new standard for 2-hours fire protection with butt-jointed glazing in an aluminium fire-resistant system.

POLFLAM successfully achieved 2-hours fire resistance (EI120) with POLFLAM BR EI120 (butt-jointed) fire-resistant glass installed in a commercially available aluminium system (Aliplast FR90).

The combination of butt-joint glazing, 2 hours fire protection in an aluminium fire-resistant system with a basic depth of 90 mm is unique for the market, giving designers and architect the possibility to combine endless transparency with 2-hours fire protection in a widely available aluminium fire-resistant system.

With this test result maximum individual glass pane dimensions of 1800 mm x 3000 mm and 1500 mm x 3600 mm (width x height) are possible (EI120) with glass-to-glass (butt-joint) connections creating endless transparent fire-resistant glass partitions.

For more information, please contact your local POLFLAM sales representative.



Another test successfully completed!

During the latest test our well-known frameless system POLFLAM BR EI 120 with an impressive glass dimensions of 4.000 mm × 2.500 mm (landscape format) has been fire-tested at the test institute DMT in Lathen. The partition retained its fire resistance performance for more than two hours.

The use of frameless systems ensures maximum transparency and facilitates the creation of appealing interior designs, while maintaining resistance to fire up to EI 120. More often large fire-resistant glass panes are required in landscape format to create an unlimited transparent view in buildings without any framing and with as minimal glass to glass connections as possible.

POLFLAM BR fire-resistant glass is available in extra-large dimensions: 4.000 mm × 2.500 mm (landscape format), 2.400 mm × 4.000 mm and 2.000 mm × 4.800 mm (portrait format).

POLFLAM customers can now choose from a broader product selection

POLFLAM has successfully completed a series of fire tests on timber partitions for classifications EW 30, EW 60, EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120. These are intended for use in rigid and lightweight supporting constructions. The fire tests were carried out in various notified fire test laboratories in Poland and Germany, and the final test of the series (a partition with POLFLAM® EI 120) took place on June 7.

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We have completed the move to our new plant

We have completed the move to our new production, warehouse and office centre in Jeziorzany near Tarczyn. Our updated official company address is:

POLFLAM Sp. z o.o., Aleja Krakowska 3, 05-555 Jeziorzany (near Tarczyn), Poland
The new premises is located right next to Expressway S7 be entered via ulica Ogrodowa: https://goo.gl/maps/BZD9d9jBpjoCsycZ7

Our new production facility allows us to increase production capacity and to better serve the needs of our customers across Europe and the Middle East.

POLFLAM - Al. Krakowska 3, 05-555 Jeziorzany
POLFLAM - Al. Krakowska 3, 05-555 Jeziorzany