POLFLAM produces fire-resistant glass for internal and external applications.

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass is used in the following applications:

  • partitions
  • frameless butt-jointed partitions
  • windows and doors
  • façades and roofs
  • floors
  • smoke barriers

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass can be installed in various tested and certified framing systems:

  • aluminium systems
  • steel systems
  • timber systems

For additional functional properties, POLFLAM fire-resistant glass can be also combined with the following glass products:

  • low emissivity glass
  • solar control glass
  • sound control glass
  • laminated safety glass
  • anti-burglary and bulletproof glass
  • opaque glass
  • coloured and decorative glass
  • anti-reflective glass
  • etc.