POLFLAM produces fire-resistant glass both for outdoor and indoor applications.

POLFLAM glass is used in the following structures:

  • indoor frameless and butt joint fire-resistant partitions,
  • indoor plaster walls,
  • internal windows,
  • windows and doors,
  • facades,
  • skylights,
  • bent glass,
  • ceilings, stairs

POLFLAM glass can be installed in the following structures:

  • frameless systems ,
  • aluminium joinery,
  • steel joinery,
  • wooden joinery

They can be used for most glass categories available on the market:

  • thermal proof glass,
  • solar control glass,
  • noise control glass,
  • anti-burglary and bulletproof glass,
  • opaque glass,
  • coloured and decorative glass,
  • reflective glass

POLFLAM glass is available in all the RAL and NCS palette colours.