Objectives and priorities

POLFLAM’s mission statement is to provide products that ensure safety.

This imposes a serious commitment upon us:

• glass products leaving the POLFLAM factory are of the highest quality and meet any technical standard,
• both the glass sheets and the hydrogel are regularly tested in our company lab, while our products are subject to assessment by independent research institutes,
• we maintain highest level of production technology while launching subsequent new solutions.

Safety is not a luxury; it needs to be a prime concern.
Our priority is to offer state-of-the-art products that improve the safety of a building and satisfy or even exceed any required standards; products that are available at a reasonable price affordable to any investor.

„Available safety” – that is how we understand innovativeness and this philosophy governs our production activity.

Our glass has been used in a number of publicly- financed buildings, including schools, hospitals, sports halls and university buildings.
The facilities get more light and space and, most of all, ensure safety to all those inside the building.

We don’t just deliver our goods, send an invoice and say goodbye. We consider it equally important to provide consulting, to educate in the area of fire safety and constantly improve safety standards.