Objectives and priorities

POLFLAM’s mission is to provide fire-resistant glass that ensures the highest level of safety.

This is a serious commitment for us:

  • glass products leaving our factory are of the highest quality level and comply with all technical standards
  • glass products are regularly tested in our factory laboratory and our fire-resistant glass is monitored by independent research institutes
  • maintaining the highest level of production technology while launching new solutions

Safety is not a luxury but an unavoidable necessity.

Our priority is to offer state-of-the-art fire-resistant glass that improves the safety of buildings, meet or exceeds all required product standards and is available at a competitive price.

„Reliable safety” – that is our understanding of innovative strength and this philosophy determines our production activities.

We don’t just deliver fire-resistant glass, issuing an invoice and say goodbye.
We consider it important to advise and educate in the field of fire safety and to contribute to the continuous improvement of safety standards.