Milestones of the company


Our company was founded in 1992, when the new technologies in the glass industry were still in their fledgling stages. We produced Insulated Glass Units, aluminium doors, windows and facades systems.

Our beginnings were really modest because we started in a tiny unit. But we knew from the beginning that we wanted to create a new technological standard to offer designers, architects and investors new opportunities.


It was time to specialise and we decided to go into the field of fire-resistant glass. We developed a pioneering method for manufacturing fire-resistant glass.

More than 15 years have passed since then. Today we are a renowned fire-resistant glass producer with our own technology and hydrogel recipe.


During 2010 and 2014, our factory was thoroughly modernised with the machinery and the company's own testing laboratory being expanded and upgraded.

Thanks to this upgrade we have the assurance that POLFLAM fire-resistant glass will withstand any independent testing it is subjected to.


Our collaboration with Syntaxis Capital, an investment fund, was a strong impetus for development. In August 2014, the fund became our shareholder. Acquiring a reputtable financial partner like Syntaxis Capital is a hallmark of our business reliability.

This strengthened our position in the EU market. Further markets are being exploited.


In January 2015, Glass-Team Sp. z o.o. was renamed to POLFLAM Sp. z o.o.


A new stage in the history of the company has just begun. The new owner is the investment fund Baltisse.

Baltisse has acquired part of the shares from the POLFLAM founders and the investment fund Syntaxis Capital.


Opening of our new state-of-the-art factory in Tarczyn.

Our new production facility allows us to increase production capacity and to better serve the needs of our customers across Europe and the Middle East.

Karol Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw – one of the first projects where POLFLAM fire-resistant glass was installed.
Detailed company history
  • 8 May 1992 – Glass Team Sp. z o.o. was established
  • 1992 – Glass Team Sp. z o.o. started specialising in IGU processing
  • 1995 – production of aluminium door, window and facade systems
  • 2005 – Glass Team Sp. z o.o. started production of fire-resistant glass
  • 2011 – own production of toughened glass started and thus complete independence from subcontractors
  • 2012 – construction of company laboratory and installation of a fire test furnace
  • 2012 – launch of fire-resistant glass EI 120
  • 2014 – new frameless technology implemented
  • 2014 – production of fire-resistant curved glass started (sole producer in Europe)
  • August 2014 – Syntaxis Capital, an investment fund became our shareholder
  • 1st January 2015 – POLFLAM has formally taken over all rights and obligations of the former Glass-Team Sp. z o.o. - the company headquarter, organization and staff have not changed.
  • 2015 – launch of fire-resistant glass EI 180
  • 2015 – launch of new XXL glass dimensions 2200 mm x 4200 mm
  • 2016 – another production facility with a production line for mass production of fire-resistant glass was incorporated
  • late 2016 – production of multi-function glass started
  • January 2017 – testing furnace was expanded
  • 2017 – installation of automated cutting line
  • 2017 – opening of a new production building with new office space
  • 2018 – installation of new toughening furnace for glass dimensions of 2800 mm x 6000 mm
  • 2018 – opening of a modern glass processing centre for glass dimensions up to 2200 x 3500 mm (drilling, milling and polishing)
  • February 2019 – investment fund Baltisse becomes the company’s new owner
  • June 2022 – opening of a new state-of-the-art factory in Tarczyn