Our technology

POLFLAM EI fire-resistant glass meets full thermal insulation and POLFLAM EW fire-resistant glass meets enhanced integrity according to EN 13501-2 and its based on the technology developed by POLFLAM.

The fire-resistant glass unit consists of two thermally toughened safety glasses according to EN 12150 and the cavity between the two glasses is filled with a colourless hydrogel interlayer. The thickness of the hydrogel interlayer determines the fire resistance class of the unit.

The hydrogel interlayer is produced at POLFLAM factory according to the company’s own proprietary formula. The technology enables the company to produce fire-resistant glass with state-of-the-art properties.

The advantages of POLFLAM EI and EW fire-resistant glass include:

  • symmetrical design
  • CE-marked products according to EN 14449, EN 12150 and EN 1279
  • extra-large glass sheets up to 2200 mm x 4200 mm
  • installation-friendly glass (blunt edges and no need of repositioning)
  • high sound reduction index – Rw up to 52 dB (TGU) [see for details]
  • high light transmittance τv up to 87 %
  • UV radiation resistance – no need for additional PVB interlayers or UV-filters
  • highest safety class 1(B)1 (according to EN 12600)
  • extreme ambient temperature range from –40 °C to +50 °C
  • high water-resistance (no need to protect glass edges with aluminium tape)
  • irregular glass shapes available
  • high mechanical resistance – thermally-toughened safety glass
  • lower weight and reduced thickness compared to other fire-resistant glass

POLFLAM also produces curved fire-resistant glass in XXL dimensions and with large arcing radius.

POLFLAM fire-resistant curved glass