Low Carbon Fire-Resistant Glass

Introducing POLFLAM GAIA Glass – Inspired by the timeless essence of a Greek goddess, our revolutionary product symbolizes the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth and is a groundbreaking solution dedicated to preserving our planet.

Pioneering a new era, the POLFLAM GAIA is the world’s first low-carbon fire-resistant glass, thoughtfully crafted through the fusion of hydrogel technology from the POLFLAM factory and the distinctive attributes of Pilkington Mirai™ low-carbon float glass. Employing environmentally conscious methods, such as the use of alternative fuels, renewable energy, and raw material recycling, this glass ensures a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

By using an eco-friendly material and advanced production techniques, we have successfully cut CO2 emissions during manufacturing process by up to 65% compared to standard fire-resistant glass.

Investors choosing POLFLAM GAIA with its reduced carbon footprint can achieve superior results in Green Building Labels environmental certification, aligning seamlessly with LEED, BREEAM, and DGNB standards. This product makes it easy to reach the highest standards of eco-friendly construction.

POLFLAM GAIA isn’t just about going green—it’s a testament to our dedication to the environment while keeping the sleek design, lightweight construction, superb light transmittance, and top-notch sound reduction features that define other POLFLAM fire-resistant glass. With fire resistance ranging from EI15 to EI180, this glass isn’t just an eco-friendly innovation; it’s your partner in creating a sustainable and vibrant living space.

Independently evaluated by a third-party institute conducting a comprehensive life cycle analysis (LCA) and an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the new EPD is set to confirm the POLFLAM GAIA as the fire-resistant glass with the lowest carbon footprint on the market by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

POLFLAM GAIA – World’s first low-carbon fire-resistant glass.

Pilkington Mirai™ was chosen for the development of POLFLAM GAIA low-carbon fire-resistant glass.