POLFLAM® glass for facades

POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass makes facades of extraordinary transparency and excellent performance features. The latest structural systems with POLFLAM® SG glass allow obtaining perfectly smooth surface from the outside.

POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass has been based on i.a. GUARDIAN glass.
It is exceptionally selective and thermally insulating.
An extremely high Lt factor guaranties perfect light transmittance, in the range of 70%.
The glass designed for facades is available in a range of fire-resistant classes: EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, and EI 120.

POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass in facades can be used with different joinery systems:

  • aluminium
  • steel

POLFLAM® glass for facades offers many advantages:

  • a wide range of colours and hues in selective glazing sealed with POLFLAM® unit
  • high-level solar protection
  • wide-range reflectivity of glazing
  • very high selectivity: high Lt factor, low SF
  • very low Ug factor = 0.5 for selective double-cavity units sealed with POLFLAM® unit
  • large sizes of sealed units 2200 x 4200 mm, i.e. better thermal parameters of the entire wall (facade)

Possibility to seal POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass with any float glass of high thermal properties available in the market (solar control, light transmittance, thermal insulation) improves the building’s energy balance.

Possibility to seal selective glazing with POLFLAM® glass guarantees the uniform aesthetic properties of the glass when fire-resistant facade is sealed with classless facade.

A surface of 1200 m2 of POLFLAM® glass was used in the buildings of the Pomorski Science and Technology Park (PPNT), in Redłowo near Gdynia.
Oxygen Park is a modern office facility in Warsaw. The facility is made of two six-storey buildings joined with a green inner courtyard. POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass was applied in the facades.