POLFLAM fire-resistant glass BR in class EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120 are applied in the frameless system. Partitions made using that system can be as high as 4200 mm and the length of the partitions is unlimited after subsequent glass units are added.

The system allows for fire-resistant doors to be installed as part of the partition. The doors do not require any frames, either.
The system partitions can be fixed to walls made of different materials: cellular concrete, hollow brick, checker brick, perforated brick or full brick, concrete or reinforced concrete. They can be joined well with plaster-wall partitions.
The frameless system makes it possible to combine – within a single unit – transparent sheets with opaque ones made in RAL and NCS palette colours.


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Knauf Office, Warsaw. The rooms on the office floors are separated by glass partitions POLFLAM BR EI 60. This allows daylight all across the interior, enlarges the office space visually and at the same time ensures proper working comfort.
In a similar way, the conference room on the ground floor of the building has been separated from and at the same time integrated into the design concept.
The Business Garden Warsaw – a compact complex of office buildings. POLFLAM glass EI 60 was used in one of the them in the window separating office space from the main entrance hall