POLFLAM BR fire-resistant butt-jointed glass can be used in various framing systems without vertical posts (butt-joint glazing):

  • aluminium systems,
  • steel systems,
  • timber systems.

POLFLAM BR fire-resistant glass can be also installed in a frameless butt-jointed system - POLFLAM BR SYSTEM - for EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120, allowing fire-resistant glass to be installed directly within walls of various materials without the need for a commercial fire-resistant framing system and without vertical posts (butt-joint glazing).
The POLFLAM BR System can be up to 4800 mm in height with unlimited length of the partition by installing multiple POLFLAM BR fire-resistant glass panes butt-jointed to each other.
The POLFLAM BR System can be installed into walls made of different materials such as aerated concrete, perforated brick or solid brick, concrete or reinforced concrete.

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For more information about the POLFLAM BR System, please contact your local Sales Manager or send us an email at export@polflam.com

Knauf Office, Warsaw, Poland.
The offices on the office floors are compartmentalised by partitions glazed with POLFLAM BR EI 60. This allows daylight across the entire interior, enlarging the office space visually and at the same time ensuring proper working comfort.
In a similar way, the conference room on the ground floor of the building is partitioned but still integrated into the design concept.
The Business Garden Warsaw – a complex of office buildings.
POLFLAM BR EI 60 was installed in one of the buildings to separate office space
from the main entrance hall.