POLFLAM H fire-resistant glass is used for roof applications. In case of fire, the fire-resistant glass installed in an appropriate framing system forms a barrier to prevent a fire from spreading (flashover) to an adjacent higher building or the next fire compartment.

POLFLAM H fire-resistant glass can also be combined with:

  • low emissivity (Low-E) glass or
  • high selective control glass

It is available on the market to improve the energy balance of the building.
POLFLAM H is tested in steel and aluminium framing systems.


For more information about POLFLAM H, please contact your local Sales Manager or send us an email at export@polflam.com

Hotel The Bridge, Wrocław, Poland.
POLFLAM fire-resistant glass has been installed in the roof over the hotel lobby. Owing to its large surface area, this glazing provides natural light in the hall by the conference room, while being an attractive interior design element.