Projects delivered V


application: indoor glazing, fire-resistant doors

Business Garden is one of Wrocław’s newest office complexes. It features 117.000 sqm of modern office and commercial space: nine office buildings, a restaurant and a garden. The architects’ purpose was to create environment-friendly solutions with indoor spaces that provide superior light saturation which, in turn, qualifies the investor for obtaining the LEED Platinum certificate.
POLFLAM® EI 30 glass has been used in doors and windows above the main hall on six storeys of the G-H building.


application: indoor glazing, fire-resistant doors

Drn is part of the revitalisation plan of the historic districts of the Czech capital. The project features both a newly erected building with a glazed façade in metal structure covered in verdure, and a thoroughly renovated baroque Schönkirch palace. The building combines two functions: office and commercial.
POLFLAM® EI 60 glass has been applied indoors. A total of 150 sqm of glass in steel frames has been mounted in the doors giving to the staircase on seven storeys, and in the glazings in concrete walls.


application: indoor glazing, fire-resistant doors
architectural design:: Ultra Architects

The office complex “Za Bramką” has been built in the Poznań Old Town. It has four over ground and three underground storeys which provide 18.000 sqm of usable area.
POLFLAM® EI 30 glass has been used for glazed fireproof partitions with doors between the hall and the underground car park.


application: indoor glazing – fire-resistant partitions, doors

The Bydgoszcz hospital has recently undergone complete reconstruction. A 19th century historic hospital has been revitalised, the other buildings being demolished and a new medical park being built, meeting the requirements of a modern medical facility. The construction is one of the biggest medical investments in Poland with a value of PLN 155 m.
POLFLAM® glass of the EI 30 class has been used in fire-tight partitions with doors separating each section of the building from the walkways.


application: indoor glazing – fire-resistant partitions, doors

The Szucha Corner is a modern office building erected in one of Warsaw’s most prestigious locations. Today, the well-restored pre-war buildings of the Szucha Avenue house the key state administration and diplomatic offices. Light, glass and verdure are the dominating factors in the building’s architecture.
POLFLAM® EI 30 and 60-class glass has been mounted in frameless glazed partitions and fire-resistant doors inside the building.
Application of fire-resistant glass made it possible for daylight to saturate the corridors and the staircase on each floor.


application: indoor glazing – fire-resistant partitions, doors

The USK is currently the largest and the most modern hospital in the region of Podlasie. Since 2008, it has been carefully modernised and refurbished, resulting in doubling the hospital’s surface. The cost of the project was as high as PLM 500m, the investment being one of the region’s priorities.
POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass has been fixed in the partitions and doors that close the staircase, which serves as an emergency exit.


application: indoor glazing

The eight-storey-high building, offering more than 6.000 sqm of office space, has been designed for rent. Each storey’s open space has been arranged to meet the needs of the particular company renting it. On one of the floors, various functional areas have been singled out with fire-resistant frameless partitions.
Over 100 sqm of POLFLAM® EI 30 glass was used there.